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Bradford sees huge rise in child protection cases

The numbers of child protection cases are soaring in Bradford.  NUMBERS of youngsters on child protection plans in Bradford have soared to almost double the level of last year, leaving the authorities under increased pressure. Figures for last year show 370 child protection plans, which are put in place when the authorities are aware children are at risk, were in place in the city

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Tougher rules for pay-day lenders take effect

Tougher Rules for Pay-day loans Additional rules for pay-day lenders and other firms offering high-cost short-term credit take effect from 1 July 2014. Find out more about what these lenders now have to do. Firms offering high-cost short-term credit must now follow additional rules on rollovers, continuous payment authorities and risk warnings. These rules apply to agreements in place on 1 July 2014 and

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Dealing with life on the breadline

Changes to the benefits system have left many people floundering in financial difficulty – and the problems may get worse. Nisar Afsar, head of service and specialist debt adviser for Bradford Community Advice and Debt Solutions (BCADS) which works with families, says many people have found the transition from weekly to fortnightly payments difficult to cope with. “When the benefit was changed from a

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Avoid the bite of the loan shark

A knee injury forced him to lose his job. With no wage to feed his family, the 40-year-old from Bradford, whose name has been withheld, was forced into a situation that many people are finding themselves in. Attempts to find an alternative way to pay off his mounting debts proved fruitless. Banks wouldn’t lend him the money because he didn’t have a job to

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Investing in Children & Families

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