Confidentiality & Complaints

If you have any suggestions to improve the service or you are not satisfied with the service, we need to know. Please address all communication in writing to BCADS Office Manager❠Park Lane Centre, Park Lane, Bradford, BD5 0LN who will be very happy to take your suggestions or give you more details of our complaints procedure.
The advice we give you is absolutely Free & confidential. The only exception is if there is risk of harm or child protection concerns. As part of the Auditors quality audit check on our work, their staff may ask us to see your file. They are required by law to keep all case details confidential. Please let us know if you have any objection or concerns about this. If you do not want anyone apart from BCADS staff to see your file then, we can arrange this. We will respect your decision and ensure that this will not affect the advice or help you may receive from us.
Give us clear instructions and must keep in touch. Make sure that we have understood you. If you are not sure about anything then please ask. Carry out our advice/instructions and let us know the outcome. Reply promptly to our letters & queries.
Our Services are free. We will let you know  if you would have to pay any fees in relation to your case (for example – court fees or a doctor report to support your case).

life without debtWe do not Provide Services to:-

Landlords /  Businesses

Estate Agents

Creditors & Debt Collectors


Please note that All our venues are Pushchair & wheelchair accessible, have disabled toilet facilities and baby changing rooms.

Investing in Children & Families

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