Debt Advice & Counselling

What is Debt Advice and Counselling Service?A generic picture of a some British sterling money in coins and bank notes.

BCADS  Debt Advice and Counselling helps Parents and Carers with young children out of difficult  financial situations, so, they don’t live on fresh air and that they have reasonable money to feed  family.

If you are a Parent  /  Carer facing court action for debt, bailiffs, having your house repossessed or you simply cannot afford to pay the amount owed, then Contact our Debt & Income Maximisation Service.    


  • Help you to maximise your income and make sure that you are getting all the benefits or wages you are entitled to.
  • Help you to minimise your debts by making sure that you really OWE the money that is being claimed.
  • Checking that the Credit Agreements have been drawn properly, that Creditors are licensed, that the Interest is not extortionate, that someone else (member of family, former partner etc.)  is not really responsible for debt.
  • Help you to budget appropriately by drawing up a list of PRIORITIES that you will have to spend money on. Once this has been done then you will be advised “How Much Money”  if any, there is to pay for outstanding debts.
  • Help you to understand, difference between PRIORITY and NON-PRIORITY DEBT.
  • Advise you which BILL Need to be paid first.
  • Remember, Creditors will ask you to pay them, but our Debt & Income Maximisation Worker will help you to decide on the basis of “What Would Happen if you Did not Pay?
 Debt — What you need to do - ( Money Owed  &  Arrears)

If you are behind with payments and have received final notice demanding payment the here is some important information to help you.

  • Don’t ignore the problem.
  • Get free help and advice. Your rights and options depend on the  type of agreement, and the law can be complex. You can get free  independent help and advice from a number of organisations   
  • Contact the organisation you owe money to. Let them know  you are having problems. and you are seeking debt advice. 
  • Pay priority debts first – for example, mortgage, rent, council tax,  or gas or electricity arrears. A debt adviser can help you to budget to keep your finances under control.
  • Don’t borrow to pay off existing debt seek free specialist debt advice before borrowing money to repay debts.
  • Get advice before borrowing against your home – you will pay more  in the long run and you risk losing your home.
  • You may be able to ask a court for more time to repay a debt  - – but only in some circumstances. Speak to a debt adviser before  considering court action. Keep copies of letters and emails in case these are needed by the court.

Doing nothing could make things worse.

The lender could take legal action against you, and you could end up paying more in interest and charges. Missed payments could affect your credit rating and make it more difficult to get credit in future.







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